Starting over on Patreon

27 August 2020

Hello everyone, how are you?

So, 2020 has been........interesting, to say the least. I'd describe 2020 with various and super vulgar language, but I'm trying to keep it clean.

You may not know this, but at the start of the year, I had big plans to launch my Patreon page. Patreon page is all about supporting your favourite creators by either pleading a monthly amount  or by just sending them a one off donation. This is super helpful as the creator can focus on making the things you love to see. But with COVID and all the uncertainty and darkness it brought, I didn't feel right to ask for financial support. So I took a step back, tried to deal with the issues and the "new" normal of mine and the kids lives, and work on my art style and portfolio.

So why exactly am I telling you this? Well, I've decided to get back on track with Patreon. I've always wanted a Patreon page and I'm ready to jump back in. If you've always wanted to give financial support to me and my illustrations, do consider becoming one of my Patrons  by clicking right here. If not, don't even sweat it. I'm thankful that you took the time to read this post, so thank you! I hope to see you over on whatever social media you're following me on!

Commissions are OPEN!

18 June 2020


And hello everyone! I hope you are all well. I'm pleased to say that from today, your girl is doing commissions. Yep, that's right. Over the last few weeks I've been asked whether I do them which I'm totally all for, but I never had the confidence to put it out there that I'm available to do it. So here I am, a simple illustrator, here to tell you that I am indeed open for commissions.


If you would like an original Giggabubs doodle to grace your place, first, check out the commissions info page as it has prices and all the fun terms there. Once you done that, send me a message via my contact page or email me at giggabubs@gmail.com about what you would like and we'll go from there!

A change of direction

13 May 2020


So, it's all gone a bit crazy recently hasn't it. Everything we were all working towards came to a grinding halt because of Covid-19 and its put a lot of things out of whack. I think 2020 for so many of us, was going to be "our year" but clearly 2020 had other ideas. 


I know we're all struggling to deal with what's going on, and that's ok. A global pandemic gives you a reason to not be ok. It also gives you a chance to reevaluate your priorities (if you feel up to it if course). For me, I've decided to "scrap" making stationary. I know, massive change right but let me clarify. I love stationary, like, a lot. But if I'm brutally honest, I haven't had much luck in selling as much as I would like, and that's ok. I was just enjoying making it all. But once that buzz began to wane and I was spending money I don't really have on printing things that wasn't selling, I was beginning to think what was the point of making stationary.


So I would just draw because I love to draw. And with my confidence growing in what I can create, I've started to draw more. And now my new focus is to make illustrations which I hope can be used in children's books, editorial pieces and maybe even advertising. For the past several weeks, I've been working on creating my online portfolio which you can see here. Whilst I post all my doodles on Instagram and Facebook (make sure you follow me there), my portfolio will be of all of my best stuff. Sweet. 


While I doodle, I am more than sure that I'll upload some of it to my RedBubble page. And one day soon, I hope I'll be able to print my own stuff again to sell on my shop. Yay!

Panda Emotions Coming Soon!

26 February 2020

Can we just take a moment that we're near the end of  February?! I'm sure it was JUST December 2019 a moment ago?!  As the year is clearly determined to rush straight past me, first let me say hello, it's been a hot minute and secondly,  I wanted to give you a heads up on my upcoming stickers and poster (whoop, whoop!). The next sticker sheet and poster will be of my Panda Emotions. You've seen the Panda Emotions, right?! Head on over to my Insta and FB page and you'll see what I mean. The six emotions, Happy, Playful, Anger, Surprised, Meh and O.K., will be available on sticker sheet and the poster will have all six emotions on it. Cool right. 

The stickers will be available in my online shop super soon and the poster will be on my RedBubble page within the next few days

Sticker sheet time!

23 November 2019


Howdy everybody! I know you can't see me, but I am waving at you in between typing! I hope you are all doing well. Me? Yeah I'm ok. Keeping busy with my kiddies, eating their leftovers and watching this years The Apprentice (gosh I love that show!) BUT more importantly (and I'm guessing what you really wanna know about), I've made a new item for the Giggabubs shop, STICKER SHEET! I wish I could add that ham horn sound. You know the one that goes buurr buur buuuurrrrrrr. The one that Dj's add in-between songs.


Anyway, it's a first but I assure you it won't be the last. First sticker sheet is my popular Floating Jellyfish design, where I've taken the kawaii jellyfish and added some cute bubbles and a Jellyfish logo. I'm hoping before the end of this year, which literally ends in 5 weeks (like seriously where has this year gone?!), to make 2 to 3 more sticker sheets so do keep an eye out for that. As always, if you miss me and my witty witty-ness, you can follow me on Insta and on FB. Hope to see you over there and stuff!

As if I added a blog

Hello, hello, HELLO my dears. Wow, this is my first blog on the Giggabubs website. If you knew just how much I am totally TOTALLY freaking out right now from how exciting this all is!!!

I wanted to add a blog to my site just so I can touch base with you guys, share a bit of what I'm doing and just generally goof off with you. I aim to keep this blog up-to-date and funky fresh, so do check back to what is new. Should you find that you miss me (it's ok, I have that effect on everyone) you can always follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Links to my social media can be found both in the footer and header of each page. 


Before I go, I just wanted to say a huge HUGE thank you for taking the time to check out my website. I can't express just how much that means to me! I've worked super hard to make this site a true reflection of me, what I like and all that kind of stuff, and I hope you love it. As I've just started out into the world of stationery, my site is a little naked. Over time, I hope to fill my shop to the brim with more kawaii, cute and just darn awesome products, that you'll consider selling your left kidney for (please don't actually do that. That would be really bad).

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