General Info

Shipping Info

Give it to me straight, how much is post & packaging?

Right now, it is a flat rate fee of £1.50 for domestic orders within the U.K. and £10.00 for all international orders. And to clarify, this price is per order, not per item. I get it, paying for P&P isn't always great and can be hella expensive, but I want you to know that I make no profit  from charging P&P. Thank you for understanding!

Do I have to wait long for my item?

Items usually ship within 3-5 business days via Royal Mail. From there, it then depends on where you live. So if you're in the U.K, I say give it a week for it to get to you. For international orders, please allow for two weeks. If it is still not there, do let me know and we will work together to resolve the issue, whether that means resending the order or issuing you a refund. Please be aware that a refund does not including any shipping costs, and would be for the item only. 

And what if I want to return an item?

If you are unhappy with your order, I'll do my best to make it right with you. If you ship back undamaged items within 14 days, I will issue you a full refund not including any shipping costs. After 14 days, we can see what we can do. My priority is for you to be happy with your purchase no matter what. 

You're website is, dare I say, looking a little bare. Will you be making anymore products soon?

Heck yes! My plan is to add shiny new items every few months so make sure to come back and check what's going on. Also, by signing up to GiggaMail, you'll get yourself a nice email every time the shop is updated. You'll also be the first to know about the latest news, announcements and any fun offers that are only for those who sign up. The sign up form can be found at the bottom of every page!

Ok, cool. I'm loving your stuff, but how do I pay for it?

Until further notice, all payments are processed via PayPal account. This can be done by signing into PayPal, writing in the notes what item you have ordered, and sending your payment to Please be ensured your confidential information is encrypted with the highest level of commercially available encryption protection.