Hey everyone, here's my portfolio. Isn't it fab! I've also separated my work into handy little subsections. Just click where it says 'PORTFOLIO' in the menu bar above, to find it! 


For commissions, you can fill in the contact form or drop me an email. You can see more of my work on my Instagram and Facebook 

Float Away - Day

Sweet Nightmare

Starry Ice-Cream

Darcy's Raincoat

Viola's Umbrella

Penelope Dracula

Single Parent - Out and About


And the note said "With Love x"

Best Friends, Viola and Darcy

Emotions of Penny

Penguin Love

Yummy Carrots

Soo Tired

When I grow up: Astronaut

Chilling with a coffee

Hello There

Penny's Mocha

April Showers

Floating Jellyfish

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Best Friends, Viola and Darcy