"Floating Jellyfish captain, I see stickers!" 

That's right guys. It's a sticker sheet made up of seven adorable jellyfish and bubbles that are GURANTEED to add some kawaii to your day! Peel off each sticker and use it to brighten up your notebook, laptop, furniture. Heck, you can even put one on your cat! (I strongly recommend that you don't stick this to your cat. These stickers are super stickey and I'm more than sure it won't come off :\)

Floating Jellyfish - Stickers

£2.00 Regular Price
£1.00Sale Price
  • - A6 size sticker sheet

    - Seven (7) stickers per sheet (Jellyfish x 4, bubbles x 2, Jellyfish logo x 1)

    - Premium paper with matt finish

    - Permanent stickers (so super stickey and very hard to remove!)

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