Have you ever wondered "gee, I wish I could do more to support Giggabubs"? Why not consider the following:


Ko-fi and Patreon

For those who are in a position to show even more support to me and my art/streaming career, do check out my Patreon and Ko-fi pages. Here you can make a one-ff or monthly donation. Click on your widget of choice and it will take you directly to my page


Another way to show support, is to check out my Twitch stream. That's right, I stream on Twitch. I've always loved streaming and enjoy watching HOURS of streamers during my spare time, so I thought why not do it too. I do two different streams, one called Doodle 'n' Chill where I draw, tell you about my day and listen to some super chilled lo-fi music. The second stream, called Murder and Shenanigans, I play a video game, normally a FPS of something that involves a weapon and mostly, getting lost. Below is the schedule: 

Doodle 'n' Chill: Monday + Tuesday: 8:30pm - Late

Murder and Shenanigans: Thursday: 8:30pm - Late + Saturday: 12:30pm - 5:30pm 

Do make sure you check out the stream and hit that 'follow' button so you get a notification every time I go live

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